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GTSSE Championship ended

Congratulations to Leo Landman, who have secured the first place in the last race of the championship, leaving the expected champion Alexander Schokin at the second place.

If Alexander would have finished second (instead of Dmitry Nekryukov), he would have saved the title to himself. But that didn't happen. Dmitry did not compromise the fairness of competition by letting Alex through, and Alex was set back by race beginning's troubles too much to be able to ovetake Dmitry on his own.

By his stable top-5 finishes Team Midnight's founder Roman Mamedov has scored the third place in the championship.

Sad news came not long after the championship finish - the WORRL website announces that the league is down until further notice. The page title says "WORRL is gone" :( Well, let's wish it to be able to come back to us, in the new year!

2004-11-28: GTSSE Zandvoort Race

RM: "Zandvoort does not easily forgive mistakes... and I made two of them. Due the first, I went out to the dunes and lost two positions and 30 seconds. Due to the second, I found myself stuck in the fence, 2 meters above the ground, and with dead engine. Waited for tow truck to drag me into the boxes, but the mechanics said it's over. :("

2004-11-21: GTSSE Bridgehampton Race

RM's continued series of resultative finishes with second top-5 finish in two races allows him to take the third position in the tournament table, right after Leo Landman, who finished second in both races, and Alexander Schokin, who won the first race but was unlucky in the second. The fourth position at Bridgehampton's finish line was a bit surprising, but nevertheless a great final to the unlucky weekend, Roman says.

Roman Mamedov: "First of all, congratulations to Chris and thanks everyone for the race! I have to say that I did NOT like the track from my first lap on it. Spent the whole weekend trying to put together something at least remotely resembling a driveable setup... Finished surprisingly high, given the three unlucky incidents in the race.

Dmitry Lukanov also had an unfortunate race incident - an engine piston has failed in his car in the very beginning of the race. Alexander Schokin failed to show a high result due to the connection problems. Hope there will be a better luck for them in the next weekend, at Netherlands' Zandvoort racetrack.

2004-11-14: GTSSE Limerock_MT Race

The Midnight team debuts in the GTSSE series with an impressive performance of the team's founding driver, Roman "RM" Mamedov. RM secured fifth position at the finish line, despite some unfortunate incidents with backmarkers and tyre wear problems.

Roman Mamedov: "Overall, a very interesting race. We were going really great for some time - Alexander, Dmitry and I on first three positions. Then, I started to have problems with tyre wear, car started to behave unusually in the slow corners, so I made some mistakes and went off the track a couple of times. After some time, when I managed to get used to the "new" car behavior, and was already preparing for a pitstop, I found out that there's no need in one. :)
Unfortunately, Dmitry probably didn't check the F3 screen and went to the pits. :(

On the last laps of the race I lost a position because of two incidents when passing backmarkers :( Here is the especially notorious one. So I want to ask everyone, please be a bit more careful when you are being lapped. I know, in 330 only half of the mirror is visible, so it may be difficult. But at least try to make your actions predictable and intentions clear, and do so in advance. Do not abruptly change the trajectory before the nose of a lapper, just pick one and stick to it, then slow down a bit on a straight. (Or go wide in a slow corner).

Anyway, thanks everyone for a fun race, and grats to the winner! :)"

The other GTSSE debutants from Russia and Ukraine, Alexander "LICH" Schokin and Dmitry "Grr" Lukanov finished first and fourth correspondingly. Congratilations to LICH for dominating the whole weekend and winning the race!

Race Report

2004-11-06 Межсезонные тесты

Почти каждую субботу проходят тестовые заезды. Обкатываются новые, очень интересные моды к NR2003 - Touring, Ferrari330, а возможно и OWR. Наверняка на каком-то из них в скором будущем будет проводиться одна из серий RNC.

Так что следите за ходом подготовки к очередному чемпионату на нашем форуме, или в чате. И присоединяйтесь!

Дата Время(MSK) Сим Трасса/Rep. Обсуждение
16.10.2004 Суббота 21:00 NR2003-Tou Kyalami
23.10.2004 Суббота 21:00 NR2003-Tou Harlett_CCW
30.10.2004 Суббота ~23:30 NR2003-330 Watkins Glen
6.11.2004 Суббота 20:30 NR2003-330 Mosport_PWF
6.11.2004 Суббота 22:00 NR2003-Cup Las Vegas
7.11.2004 Воскресенье 21:00 NR2003-330 Bahrain
11.11.2004 Четверг ~23:10 NR2003-330 Limerock_MT